The Virtual Well Site Visit

WatchDog fetches the critical information from the well site: Is the well pumping? Is fluid being produced? Has there been a change to fluid production? Is there a leak? Has the pressure in the flowline changed? Maximize production, reduce equipment failures, reduce environmental incidents, and increase the ratio of wells per operator without expanding labor costs. Know the status of your well 24hrs a day!

The Top Dog in Water Injection System Pipeline Monitoring

Leave it to WatchDog to sniff out leaks on your injection system pipelines and well heads. WatchDog provides the most cost-effective comprehensive leak detection solution available on the market. Fulfill all your regulatory requirements, catch small volume leaks, catastrophic failures, and well head leaks in one simple solution. WatchDog: your injection systems’ new best friend.

Dependable Retrieval Automated Fluid Shots

There’s nothing more frustrating than discovering your high producing new drill or recomplete is not at an optimal fluid level. Put WatchDog’s Automated Fluid Shot on duty to consistently take scheduled or requested fluid shots. You can receive your fluid level anytime of day with a click of a button! Additionally, you can be alerted when levels move outside of the desired range. Give us a call to learn more.

AFTI’s WatchDog virtual wellsite monitoring has been a key contributor for us to monitor our growing asset base within our current cost profile. Our operators rely on WatchDog to identify issues and maintain our best in class environmental stewardship,” 

Joel Armstrong, VP Production and Operations, Whitecap Resources Inc.

Bring WatchDog Home Today

We’re out to change the way the industry approaches well site monitoring and to help you manage your costs better. We want to help make your business more successful and your sites more consistently productive. We’re aiming to make on-site, routine well inspections a thing of the past.