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Our mission: to replace the routine well site visit with the Virtual Well Site Visit. Our virtual well site monitoring application has delivered thousands of hours back to field operators and operations groups. WatchDog® maximizes production, reduces equipment failures, reduces environmental incidents, and allows operators to grow well count without increasing labor costs.

WatchDog®  is always on duty watching production with our virtual well site monitoring application.

Mature, proven wells provide a steady and predictable return. Unforeseen problems like lower than expected production, unbudgeted equipment repair bills, and costly leaks at injection wells and stuffing boxes take away from their steady return. Operations teams can’t be at every well, all the time. Production problems and leaks never seem to occur when they happen to be at the wells. Constant monitoring is an operator’s dream, but often the return on investment can be years away.

WatchDog’s return on investment is designed to be Operations’ best friend.

A trusted WatchDog® provides an alert!

What if?

…In between on-site inspections, there’s been a change in production that’s costing you money?

…One of your sites, especially an injection well, springs a leak? What if it’s been leaking for hours – or nearly a full day, slowly and undetected?

WatchDog® will bark and deliver an alert to get your attention, 24×7. Operations is only able to physically check the wells a few minutes each day, which leaves a whole lot of time for things to occur, costing you time and money while potentially damaging the environment in the process.

Just like at your house, farm or yard, the WatchDog® has you covered with our virtual well site monitoring app.

Always at your side

WatchDog® connects you to your wells, 24×7. No matter where you are or what other critical, value added tasks you’re working on, you can be confident that your wells and pipelines are being watched for production, equipment status, and environmental safety.

Along with providing peace of mind when you’re not at the wellsite, WatchDog® provides the ability for you to virtually visit the well anytime.

Your judgement, coupled with WatchDog’s constant monitoring and alerts, will allow you to:

  • Manage more wells
  • Deliver steady production
  • Reduce costs
  • Safeguard the environment

Just what you’d expect from your Trusted Partner.

K9 Operator Portal

With WatchDog® at your well sites, all the images, status details, and alerts are kept faithfully guarded on the secure K9 Operator Portal.

Access a constant supply of easy-to-read reports that deliver production confidence analytics along with the current condition of the well or pipeline.

Available anywhere you are, with configured push alerts for those times you’re away or engaged in other activities.

The WatchDog® virtual well site monitoring app is always on duty, so you don’t have to be!

Already on board? Login.

Log in to the K9 Operator Portal to access a suite of sophisticated reports fetched for you by WatchDog®.

Everything required to perform a Virtual Wellsite Visit on demand is here:

  • Well status information
  • Flow temperature graphs
  • Vibration measurement charts
  • Pressure sensing read-outs
  • Captured images

Everything is presented in a designed view for Operations. Easy to access, easy to use.

We are driving to increase surveillance capabilities while operating safely and with high environmental standards. Implementing WatchDog as our standard complement to SCADA will allow us to utilize technology to operate more efficiently and cost effectively, without sacrificing our goal of responsible development.

- Barett Pedersen, Manager of Optimization, Teine Energy Ltd.

"AFTI’s WatchDog® virtual wellsite monitoring has been a key contributor for us to monitor our growing asset base within our current cost profile. Our operators rely on WatchDog® to identify issues and maintain our best in class environmental stewardship.”

- Joel Armstrong, VP Production and Operations, Whitecap Resources Inc.

"Crescent Point is pleased to partner with AFTI WatchDog®. As we continue our efforts to improve our overall efficiencies, we have already seen the benefits of field automation in our operations. We're excited about working alongside AFTI to optimize production and reduce our cost structure."

- Rob Fiorentino, Director of Operations Engineering, Crescent Point Energy Corp.

With the dramatic change in market conditions, we are moving aggressively toward solutions that increase our bottom line. WatchDog provides our operators with a very efficient way to visit our wells virtually and concentrate their time on the activities and assets that require attention.

- Clint Sarmaga, Operations Manager, Teine Energy Ltd.

“Delivering cost effective production growth within the current environment requires that we produce all of our wells, new and old, more efficiently than ever before. AFTI WatchDog has provided a product at a great price, along with training and support, that helps to ensure we can meet our production and cost targets on hundreds of producing wells throughout our operating areas.”

- Jordan May, Production Manager, Whitecap Resources Inc.

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