The Well-Being of Your Wells

The oil industry is constantly changing. Routine well operation is anything but routine. Fluid Injection, enhanced production methods, tightening environmental measurements, etc. Operations has more to watch, across an ever-increasing well count. Maybe your asking: “are my production costs as low as they could be? Are my wells really producing at their full capacity and will I meet my production targets?" And, perhaps most importantly, can you say with confidence that right now, at this very moment, there isn’t the possibility of a leak across at either one of your oil wells or injection wells? (of course not, and we’re here to help). These are some tough questions, but WatchDog can help.

Making Routine Well Site Visits a Thing of the Past

People are the most valuable resource both in terms of expertise and expense. Windshield time ranks as one of the highest safety consequence activities, and in most cases, it’s where the bulk of the routine time is spent. Does it really make sense to send your most expensive and valuable resource to every well every day when most wells are operating perfectly?

WatchDog works to maximize your investment in people by allowing them to manage by exception and bring their skills to the most valuable tasks. WatchDog will delivery confidence, that at any time, day or night, that production is on target, new costs are being avoided, and your business is acting as a responsible steward of the environment.

Guarding Against Production Losses

When it comes to well site operation, your wells are either producing on target; or, they’re not, and you’re losing money as a result. We developed WatchDog from the ground up to retrieve that missing income. By facilitating Virtual Well Site Visits and alerting you to subpar production levels, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your wells are always producing on target, safely, and without consequence.

Sniffing Out Increased Costs

Similar to ‘mans best friend’, WatchDog provides you with a collection of information collected by cameras, vibration sensors, temperature sensors, and pressure sensors, all designed to keep costs low.

Leading the Pack in Environmental Protection

The industry is constantly investing to better protect the land and environment. WatchDog helps maintain your companies position at the head of the pack. Our Virtual Well Site Visits allow you to be proactive and check in on your oil wells and injection wells (without the drive time), to ensure things are running as they should. We know your business is committed to being a respectful advocate of the land and environment, put WatchDog on duty!

WatchDog: On Duty to watch your wells

You can’t be at every site 24×7. WatchDog will alert you if something unplanned occurs.

1000’s of WatchDogs are on Duty

Puppies are cute, but they require lots of work! WatchDog is mature, trained and reliable from day one, with absolute clarity on what the job is. There are 1000’s of them on duty today.

We’re out to change the way the industry approaches well site monitoring and to help operators manage their costs and adapt to a constantly changing market dynamics. We want to help make your business more successful and your sites more consistently productive and profitable. Our mission is to make routine wellsite visits a thing of the past.

WatchDog – your well’s new best friend.

At WatchDog’s price it made sense to put one on every well.

– Jeff Saponja, President, Triaxon Oil