Our Clients

We’re doggone proud to work with some of the biggest, most forward-thinking names in the oil and gas industry.

What do our clients say about WatchDog?

The testimonials below tell the story of how WatchDog has helped manage costs, maintain optimal production, and safeguard against spills and leaks for these top-tier companies.

"AFTI’s WatchDog® virtual wellsite monitoring has been a key contributor for us to monitor our growing asset base within our current cost profile. Our operators rely on WatchDog® to identify issues and maintain our best in class environmental stewardship.”

- Joel Armstrong, VP Production and Operations, Whitecap Resources Inc.

“Delivering cost effective production growth within the current environment requires that we produce all of our wells, new and old, more efficiently than ever before. AFTI WatchDog has provided a product at a great price, along with training and support, that helps to ensure we can meet our production and cost targets on hundreds of producing wells throughout our operating areas.”

- Jordan May, Production Manager, Whitecap Resources Inc.

"At WatchDog's price, it made sense to put one on every well!"

- Jeff Saponja, President, TriAxon Oil

"Crescent Point is pleased to partner with AFTI WatchDog®. As we continue our efforts to improve our overall efficiencies, we have already seen the benefits of field automation in our operations. We're excited about working alongside AFTI to optimize production and reduce our cost structure."

- Rob Fiorentino, Director of Operations Engineering, Crescent Point