AFTI Drives Growth for Telus in IoT

About AFTI

AFTI delivers a solution that provides oil and gas operators with the ability to perform a ‘Virtual Wellsite Visit’. Its solution comprises the WatchDog® device and the K9 Operator portal, a web application. AFTI’s mission is to eliminate the need for routine well site visits and increase the safety and efficiency of well operations. It delivers advanced digital monitoring and data analytics, which increase production confidence and reduce environmental risk. WatchDog’s industry-leading solution maximizes production, signals equipment failures, and enables field operators to add well sites without increasing labor costs. With nearly 10,000 installations, the WatchDog offering is the solution of choice for producers in today’s challenging operating environment.

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During the selection phase, TELUS proved that they have the best network strength and service across Canada, which is critical to customers who manage well sites in extremely rural areas. Not only does the network strength need to be reliable for the solution to work, but the IoT devices need to be able to withstand severe weather conditions 365 days of the year.

During the process, the TELUS customer experience team made an effort to understand the pain points of AFTI. TELUS worked to find ways to deliver a solution that would help meet the needs of WatchDog users. As leaders in the IoT space, the IT Staff at TELUS is knowledgeable in various markets and understands both small and large companies’ needs.

The Challenge

Network reliability is a foundational pillar of the WatchDog solution. Access to a reliable mobility network across an incredibly broad geographic area is core to the solution. Finding a technology partner that offers effective service level agreements while offering cost-effective IoT network service plans was a priority. As the company’s installed base grew past 10,000 units, the challenge quickly became finding a network provider with experience in IoT and the oil and gas industry, flexible terms and pricing, and the network reliability to service these remote areas.

The TELUS Experience

The relationship with the TELUS team has allowed AFTI to keep its costs low and offer a superior monitoring product to customers. As part of WatchDog’s “plug & play” solution, the use of the TELUS service is seamless and transparent to the end-user. It just works. This allows oil well operators to manage and reduce their costs, add monitoring to all of their wells, and add more wells to expand their business.

“The reliability of the network in these remote areas of Canada is our number one priority, and TELUS is exceptional in this regard. Combine that with the support of their customer experience team, and we have built a very strong partnership together. They genuinely care about the success of our business, and it shows.”
– Steve Robb, CEO at AFTI

Future Expansion

AFTI is leveraging the strength of TELUS’ partner agreements in the U.S. market, one of its immediate growth targets.

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The AFTI WatchDog


Remote oil well monitoring with real-time alerts via the cloud-based mobile app

Increase production confidence with minimal downtime, from the comfort of the road or remote office

Adopt the “virtual well site visit” to significantly reduce costs and manage assets by exception with reduced on-site travel and maintenance costs

Avoid costly emergencies and maintain best in class environmental stewardship