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Do you have questions about what WatchDog can do for your sites, oil wells, or injection wells? Reach out to us today; we’ll fetch the information you’re after.

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Where To Find Us

We’re sure there’s a clever “doghouse” joke here somewhere, but really, our offices are quite nice. We’d love to have you by for a visit – here’s where you can find us:

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45 Day Risk-free Trial

We get it – bringing WatchDog home might seem like a big commitment. What if you don’t get along? What if WatchDog starts chewing up the furniture? It can be a big adjustment.

That’s why we offer a 45 Day Risk-free Trial. We’ll put WatchDog on duty guarding your wells, and if at the end of those 45 days you’re not completely, 100% satisfied, we’ll remove it at no additional cost.

Of course, we don’t often have folks take us up on this offer – WatchDog is a very, very good boy.

Bring WatchDog Home Today

We’re out to change the way things are. We’re not satisfied with the status quo. We’re out to change the way the industry approaches well site monitoring and to help you manage your costs better. We want to help make your business more successful and your sites more consistently productive. We’re aiming to make on-site, routine well inspections a thing of the past.

Introducing WatchDog – your wells’ new best friend. Who’s a good boy?